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Solar-PV4Western Balkans

Solar-PV4Western Balkans is a project financed from Western Balkan Fund, aiming to establish a network for cooperation and partnership among NGOs, universities and business communities in Western Balkans for advocating for and promoting the best practices of self-producers of the solar energy.

The activities of the project will facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among diver’s stakeholders and will raise awareness on the legislation, initiatives and innovative solutions on solar clean energy that must be adopted by policy and decision makers, with final purpose to build partnership and common actions in WB for unlocking the great potential of solar energy and advancing the regional agenda for a green and sustainable development.



“Advocating for solar energy self-producers in Western Balkans”

Dear Attendees,

The Western Balkans is a region heavily affected by climate change and the shift towards cleaner and renewable energy sources is a must. This transition will require the active participation and the backing of the citizens, businesses and communities. Sharing this understanding “Friends of Korca” Association and partners from WB decided to work together to advocate for and promote the best practices of self-consumption scheme of solar energy in a project supported by Western Balkans Fund.

Public institutions were in focus of the activities, in the frame of advocacy efforts, aiming to improve the policy, legislation, regulations and administrative procedures on solar energy investments and schemes with final goal the advancement of the regional agenda for a green and sustainable economy.

As a specific objective of the project was the establishment of the WB-SolarNet web platform a network of CSOs, CBOs, universities and business associations, to share information and learning, to build partnership and raise awareness of policy and decision makers to take actions to unlock the great potential of the solar energy in Western Balkans.

The final conference organized in Korca University on October 20, 2023 will bring the leasons learned, findings and conclusions of this project. It will be an opportunity all the actors invited in this conference, to exchange opinions and to project the future developments on solar energy self-consumtion in the countries of WB involved in this project.

Conference: Advocating for solar energy self-producers

20 October 2022 – Conference in Korca University
Time Conference
09:30 – 10:00
10:00 – 10:05
Welcome Remarks Prof.Dr. Dhimitri Bello, Rector of “Fan. S. Noli” Korca University
10:05 – 10:20
Improving regulations and increasing incentives for solar energy self-consumers Mr. Gjergji Gjinko, Executive Director of “Friends of Korca”
10:15 - 11:30
Greetings by the representatives of the donor and international organizations and Albanian public institutions Mr. Ilir Melo, Chairman of Western Balkans Fund Presentations/Interventions by the representatives of the partners organizations. Findings and recommendations for their respective Western Balkans countries The subsidies programs for solar prosumers in Montenegro Mr. Sasa Ivanovic, FICG, Montenegro Advocating for households’ self-producers Mr. Shuip Marku, CSCD, North-Macedonia Planning and permit-granting process for RES projects deployment Mrs. Aleksandra Bujarovska, Vienna Secretariat of Energy Community Self-producer’s vis a vis state energy policy Mr. Filip Spirovski, BWN, North Macedonia, Mrs. Aleksandra Mlladenovic, EASD, Serbia Mrs. Zenepa Lika, MSJA, Montenegro
11:30- 11:45
Greetings by the representatives of the Albanian public institutions, MIE, ERE and OSSH/OSHEE
11:45 - 12:10
Promoting sustainable development through Solar PV prosumers Mr. Kastriot Suka, Head of Credit Risk Unit, ProCredit BANK Food Safety Empowered y Sun Mr. Lazjon Petri, Fix Pro Company
12:10 - 12:30
Open Discussion with the participation of the representatives of civil society organizations, business community organizations, local governments, financial institutions, university professors and students, etc. Mrs. Eleina Qirici, University Fan S. Noli of Korca Closing remarks
12 30 - 13 00
From Our


The project brings together several partners and sponsor in the region such as “Friends of Korca” Association(Albania), Balkan WASH Network (BWN)(North Macedonia), Center for Sustainable Community Development (CSCD) (North Macedonia), Fond of Innovation Fund of Montenegro(FZCG), MSJA (Montenegro), Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development (EASD) (Serbia) Tirana Polytechnic University,(Albania) Albanian Association of Renewable Energy (AREA), Korca University(Albania), Western Balkan Fund and Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Advocacy Actions & Initiatives from Partner Organizations

Initiatives 1
During the last years “Friends of Korca” organization has focused its work on promoting solar energy solutions for citizens and communities in Korca region and behind, aiming to raise awareness, educate and empower citizens as well as to facilitate private investments in solar energy by advocating the improvement of the policy and legislation, in order to contribute for a green and sustainable economy in Albania.
Initiatives 2
KORCA SOLAR, an initiative of Friends of Korca Association aims to promote and accelerate the introduction of photovoltaic technologies, with the aim of ensuring a cheaper and cleaner energy in Korca region. The focus is to encourage as much as possible the installation of solar energy technologies for energy production, for heating and cooking by citizens, communities, businesses and institutions of this region, to enable more sources of clean energy and at the lowest cost.
Initiatives 3
In the past, Friends of Korca Association has contributed for the establishment of the Coalition of the NGOs “For a Green Region” in Korca Region. It is set up to ensure that civil society is effectively engaged in the dialogue for Transparency and accountability in the management of the forest ecosystems of the Korce region and the preservation of biodiversity of the Transboundary Biosphere Reserve of Ohrid & Prespa and for the use of alternative heating clean energy sources in the region, aiming to provide affordable energy prices for the population and the reduction of the use of firewood.
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A Network of Civil Society Organisations, Universities and Energy Business Communities in the region.

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